Happy birthday Navi!

It was our kitty’s first birthday yesterday, not that she herself realised this in any fashion. It was a glorious day so we decided to get her some new stuff from the pet store so she could try it out outside. We also got her things we had meant to buy her anyway like a catflap and some care products. But the things I was keen to test out were the new toy – a bird on a cord attached to a wooden rod – and a harness. She loves one of the cats about two miles away, but can seemingly only get there when we bring her there, which I believe we did once or twice in her cat basket. She however really does not like that basket. And it’s hard to let her walk around there because there is no control over where she goes. Anyway, I amused her with the new toy and she was having a lot of fun. The fun stopped abruptly when she yanked the toy out of my hand and got tangled. Her reaction was pretty dramatic. She raced across the garden with a look as if she was being chased by her worst enemy and didn’t stop until (luckily less than a minute) the cord was no longer attached to her. She didn’t like the toy anymore after that. Then I decided to try out the harness. I was relieved she didn’t dislike it more than one would expect and hopefully in a couple of months we’ll be able to go for a walk. This morning she’s being entertained by the fellow fixing our window. Aparently his movements fascinate her so she keeps staring at him. I don’t think she’ll be doing much else for the rest day.