A long overdue blog

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write things down about what’s been going on in my life. That has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t think all that much happened. I have enjoyed church and its related activities a lot and I’ve started going out a lot more regularly with my local friends. That was something I really needed. Not that I wasn’t happy before, but it does make a difference none the less. 

At the end of May I joined in for the celebration of my older sister’s boy’s first birthday. Here is a very proud auntie. The weekend after that we went to Birmingham Expo spending more time playing pathfinder than actually looking around the exhibit. 

June saw some new things starting like some volunteering at local charities and the start of my very own Pathfinder campaign. I mean, I didn’t write it, I’m just running it. But it’s really exciting for me. We also had another game of D&D up in the Midlands.

In July we went to PaisoCon – lots of fun – and the week after that me and my father-in-law painted and varnished the downstairs. At the end of July I finally got another job interview and I was over the moon when I got a job offer. My acceptance letter will be in the post today. My younger sister’s hen party last weekend felt like the perfect celebration. It was only the second ever time I went to a spa. We all had a great time.

I told you it wasn’t that much for the amount of time that has lapsed. See you later!


The one where I wanted to have a job by now

My friend told me off for being impatient when I told him about this. “But it’s been at least 5 months!” I said in a very exasperate kind of way. He replied with a reminder that it took him a year and a half to get the job he’s in now. I was very annoyed about that because I don’t want to wait that long. But then again, neither did he. The unanswered letters do get to me. If I had the courage I’d call those companies up and say “Come on! Hire me already! You don’t know what you’re missing” But I’m not really that kind of person. I do keep looking and applying, because that’s the only to get a job if you’re not planning to start your own company. Admitedly, the thought has crossed my mind because I’m tired of being unemployed. I wouldn’t have a clue how/what/etc. One of the hurdles is my lack of experience. I’m 29 and have only ever been a student (and took a bloody long time to get a bachelor’s degree and a masters diploma). Sure I have done interships, volunteering and all that, but I don’t know how much that counts. It doesn’t help either that I still don’t really know what I want to be doing. Also, according to my hubby I underestimate what I’m able to do as a job. The overriding emotion about this subject tends to be grrrr! I just have to keep at it I guess. I’m bound to get a positive response sometime.