A look back at 2015

If I had to describe 2015 in a few words, I would say it was a mixed bag. I had some very happy days and very excited days, but I had very somber days, and more recently incredibly sad days too.

The first months were the ones I blogged most, but it was also the period I found it hardest mentally. I barely left the house – and if I did, never on my own. It got better when I started challenging myself with the help of internet resources about dealing with anxiety. I managed to accomplish my most important goal for the year – to get a job. It was the only one I did manage, but I’m still really proud and happy about it. I got happier and healthier after that and I have to say that over all, the year wasn’t all that bad. It was however also sadly, and most notably for me, the year that we did not only celebrate our cat’s first birthday, but also the year we had to say goodbye to her.

It was near the end of November that she got killed by a car. Even though she had crossed the road we live by fine for a few months already, that one day was her very unlucky day. My neighbour came and told me the bad news, telling me she so wished it wasn’t ours. But I knew the moment she said white cat it was unlikely to be someone else’s. We owned the only white cat in the area. Her little body was still warm when I found her, but looking at her and feeling her she had very clearly passed away already. I lay her by her favourite tree before burying her together with my husband later that day. We barely got over the first shock of her not being there anymore when three weeks after we buried her she got dug up by foxes or badgers. We had to find another place for her little body and that hurt an awful lot – not having her with us anymore a second time over. I am very glad we have a lot of pictures and a few videos of her though. We miss her still and I think we always will. She truly was our little sweetheart.

Here’s to a happier 2016 x