Fascism is closer than we think

Hi guys, please allow me to indulge in a bit of politics. I need to get this off my chest.

According to this article fascism is frighteningly close, and I can’t say Mr Van Ranst is entirely wrong. I don’t think google translate will do the article justice, hence the shortened version below:

– Refugees and Islam are bad news
– Freedom should be sacrificed for the sake of security
– Strikes and demonstrations are dangerous
– There are those who are productive and there are scroungers – no grey area
– A lot of people in Germany don’t seem to object to the suggestion of shooting refugees when they try to cross their closed border.
– it’s seems to be ok to steal valuables from refugees so the government can “afford” to care for said refugees (Denmark and Switzerland).
– It’s ok for the Geneva Convention to be openly questioned.

Quite a few of these could just be conservative policies, I understand that. But taken to the extreme these can create incredibly explosive situations. I’m afraid we’re not that far off…


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