When motivation isn’t there

Hi guys, it’s been a few weeks again despite my good intentions of making weekly posts. My mum always told me that the way to hell is paved with good intentions. That’s a literal translation from Dutch, but I’m sure there’s a similar expression in English.

My motivation to frankly do anything just wasn’t there this month. At first it was complacency, which then developed into worry and then panic. I got overwhelmed by how “horribly behind” I was on everything. Mind you, this was my highly tensed mind speaking. It’s not that bad, really. So instead of this getting me into action in my week off, it did exactly the opposite. I did exactly nothing all week. I’m almost glad I’m back at work come Tuesday so I can get into my routines. Hopefully I can pick up where I left off almost three weeks ago now. A household of two doesn’t accumulate too much in that time. so even without pushing myself I should be ok for my friend coming over for a long weekend in four days time.

With a bit of luck I’ll be able to squeeze in a few blogpost in November in addition to my third attempt at Nanowrimo.


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