A few things I learned in September

I started working on the 2nd of September as a part time play worker. It’s daily work, so I have managed to create a bit of a routine. I notice having “less time” has actually resulted in me doing more things than I did before. I’m more tired (physically), but on the other hand it feels like I have more energy. It’s weird (but good). I have regular panic attacks still, but I have managed well so far. There was only one day this month that it was an absolute miracle I managed to get to work. In my journal I recorded my anxiety level that morning at an 8. It was horrible. Despite the regular uncomfortable feelings, I feel like I’m doing relatively well. I’ve also spoken to a few friends I hadn’t talked to in a while. That gave an extra boost 🙂 Now it’s October already. The month really flew by. Fingers crossed I can keep it up. Wish me luck! Oh, and one more thing, I have joined the ENCON team (European Nerfighter Con). If anyone is interested in an awesome nerdy con in Amsterdam, stay tuned. It’s going to be so good!!


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