If we were having coffee #6

If we were having coffee, I’d try one for a change. Not a proper one though. I occasionally like what they call “wrong coffee” where I come from. It’s basically milk with a splash of coffee. I’d tell you I’ve needed my share of cafeine lately. After spending Easter with family we decided to babysit Mike’s youngest nephew and niece for a couple of days. And despite them not being as early risers as they used to be – being up after 6 o’clock was rare – we still slept a lot less than we’re used to, especially in the holidays.

I’d tell you that after they left we had rather a lot of sleep, but not for the reasons you might think, which I assume is catching up on some. We had in fact caught the flu and although mine wasn’t too bad, Mike spent most of the time in bed until he slept it off (which lasted nearly two weeks in total). That meant I was on cat duty. I’m returning him the favour now, being on my way to visit my family in Belgium for a week.

If we were having coffee I would tell you how, when we went to watch “Home” with our nephew and niece we laughed out loud. It is really a film for everyone. And how excited I am about Age of Ultron. I only watched it yesterday, IMAX and 3D off course. It was so awesome I want to see it again as soon as possible. No spoilers, even though I’m itching to tell you so much more than just how great this film is.

Lastly I’d tell you me and my hubby went to see a concert for the first time in too long. It was really good, despite it being far too hot in the venue for my taste. They’re called Public Service Broadcasting and they’re a really cool band. You should definitely check them out sometime. That’s all for now. I hope you’re all having a great start of the week. See you next time!


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