If we were having coffee #5

If we were having coffee, I’d show off my new glasses. I went for a more adult pair this time. I felt it was about time to be honest. No point looking like a student anymore. I’d joke about our cat as well, how we’re not getting enough sleep, but we could never be angry at our little scoundrel. She’s so cute even in all her mischief. I’d tell you how she nearly messed up a puzzle when I was trying to stick it down the other night.

I’d go on about my birthday and the family visits we’ve had. I love catching up with anyone and everyone. You can read about the birthday weekend here. I’d chat about the many games we had in the last month. I ran my very first table top roleplay game with my husband and one of my best friends who lives in Portugal. We had a D&D 3.5 game in Stafford with our friends there and an old fashioned AD&D game in Portsmouth. That, together with the family visits meant we had very busy weekends indeed.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I really enjoyed going out with friends and seeing those I haven’t seen in too long (again). It can be very difficult for me to go out of the house and with that seeing friends, or anyone else for that matter. I am doing everything I can to improve this and even have been applying for jobs in the hopes that this will give me an extra push to be out and about. Another motivation is going to church. I love going there. It’s so different from the masses I used to go to, being raised Catholic. The church I go to now is the Elim church in my area.

I would talk about how anxious I’ve been about getting myself driving in the UK. My first go was stressful, but in hindsight it was better than I had expected. I’ve had my licence for about 10 years now, but I’ve never driven in the UK before. And on an entirely different note, I would tell you how excited I am about Agents of Shield and Gotham having started again. They are my favourite television series at the moment.

See you again soon!


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