Expanding my comfortzone

I currently have two major goals that require me to increase my comfort zone. One is driving in the UK in a right hand drive car and the other is getting a job. The starting things is much harder for me than the actual doing of the job or the driving. Take job hunting for instance. While I’m doing this I tend to continuously image doom scenarios of what might happen and it gives me tremendous anxiety. It gave me a particularly physically painful experience last week when I was determined to spend all day looking for a job. The anxiety was so bad that it was as if all the muscles in my body started contracting and after about half an hour that began to be really painful. Worst of all, I was too stubborn to stop. That was not a good call. After a few hours it was like my body was on fire, as if I was running a marathon and was a good long way in to it as well. Not nice. I’ll let you know in a couple of months whether any of it will start to get easier over time when I keep at it.


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