My life in pictures #5

This one stretches over a bit of a longer period because I have been struggling a bit the past month and haven’t done much apart from the bare essentials. So expect to see many cat photos because, lets face it, cats are really entertaining.

Cat photos first it is then. We had our house re-plastered recently and as the guys were letting the plaster dry, the cat thought it a great idea to play in the mud first and then climb up the wall to see through the door what was going on inside the house. I snapped this one before they went and painted over it.


That same day she had a go at one of our neighbours’ cats chasing him off the garden and almost into a busy street. I stopped her so poor Billy could hide under a bush. Navi looked annoyed with me, but I’m sure she got over it pretty quickly.



If you have a good look at that last picture you may notice Billy hiding under that tree. He’s just at the edge of the first third of the picture. He all black with a few white tufts and little white paws. And the mischief doesn’t stop there. The other day she finally managed to get on top of the speakers and not much later she thought it fun to jump from one to the other, nearly knocking the one she jumped to over. So now we put stuff on one of them so she doesn’t do the jumping anymore.

Kitty on speaker

In other news, my knitting is coming along nicely, even though I did pull out the bit of evening bag I already did (which you can see on the picture) The booties aren’t a sign that I’m pregnant, I just putting it out there, because first time I posted this picture to instagram and Facebook I got inundated with comments and messages asking just that. I’m just enjoy doing the projects from the Knitty Gritty book, that’s all.

booties and evening bag

One more thing to leave you with. It was my birthday recently and I couldn’t resist to get myself a present. When I saw this in a local shop I just had to have it 😀



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