My birthday

Last Sunday announced the start of my last year in my twenties. I turned 29. It was a wonderful sunny day in Belgium where my family lives. It was great to see my mum, my sisters and my grandparents again. My dad couldn’t be there unfortunately, but I’m sure I’ll see him again soon enough. It sometimes does feel very long, despite seeing them at least every other month. I start missing them a lot when I don’t see them for a while. That’s why I thought it was very thoughtful and kind of my mum to invite everybody over to hers and cook a dinner for all of us. There were my two sisters and their partners and both sets of grandparents. Here’s some of us right before tucking into desert.


There was lots of catching up to do with what’s been happening across the pond with my family, with good and bad news. But that couldn’t overshadow my hapiness for seeing everyone again. I got lots of fun presents as well. I feel very lucky with my family and friends and the people that surround me. I feel especially lucky for how many people seem to like me for who I am.

To many more years with lots of fun and time spent with friends and family.


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