My life in pictures #3

The month of Christmas is in full swing and I’ve been having a lot of fun putting up Christmas decorations. I made the little star myself and got a tree and decorations. The sign we had for ages and I love it.




Other fun stuff this month was the fact that me and some friends went to the cinema twice already this month. Once to see Interstellar and once to see Mockingjay (part 1). I feel so spoiled by the many great things happening this month and I’m enjoying every second of it. I went shopping several times and have treated myself and was treated to stuff on all occasions. I have the most awesome Christmas jumper and I can’t wait for what the rest of the month has in store. Hope you all have a lovely holiday too!


3 thoughts on “My life in pictures #3

  1. haven’t seen interstellar, was it any good?

    have seen Mockingjay AND the Hobbit, both absolute toppers in my book!

    also have News I want to tell you about, contact me…

    • Tomorrow first thing. Promise 😉
      I really enjoyed Interstellar. It’s not just Sci-Fi and I think that really works for this one.

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