Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag

Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag

Favourite Festive Food
Mince pies – all the time!

Favourite Reindeer
I never got introduced to the reindeers as a child or even later, so I’ll have to name the only one I know by name, which is Rudolph.

Favourite Day Of Christmas
It used to be January 3rd were we would go carolling for charity as the three wise men (when I was in primary school). Now it’s definitely Christmas day. Nothing like it any other day of the year.

Favourite Christmas Song
I love Carol of the Bells and all its many iterations, remixes, covers and genres.

Favourite Christmas Present
I don’t really know what the best present is that I ever got, but the one that I remember very clearly and I was over the moon about was when I got a gigantic 5kg jar of Nutella. It was awesome and I finished it far too quickly for my own good.

Favourite Festive Film
I second Chrissie on this one, it has to be Home Alone. It is such a great and funny film. I should really watch it again this year.

Favourite Festive Cracker Toy
Last year I got massive crackers with mini board games in them. They were so much fun. Not sure how long they lasted in the end though.

Favourite Cracker Joke
Q: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
A: Frostbite!

Favourite Christmas Decoration
Faery lights everywhere 😀

Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
I’ve never had a scented Christmas candle, but I imagine it would be cinnamon. Where do you get good ones?

Favourite Christmas TV Advert
The Coca Cola one always makes me cheery and excited for Christmas so that one.

Favourite Festive Tradition
Opening the Christmas presents right after breakfast – especially because in the UK we have so many with the stockings. We don’t have this in Belgium so celebrating Christmas here is extra special for me.

Place To Spend Christmas
I always have a dilemma for this. Christmas day is the most fun in the UK with my family here, but Christmas eve is way more fun with my family in Belgium because it’s actually a party there with yummy food and presents, while here it’s the wait before Christmas day.

Favourite Christmas Fact
Are there facts about Christmas? Hold on [googling] …
This is a really great one: There is a special act in Britain that actually makes it mandatory to go to church on Christmas day. The act that is deemed the Holy Days and Fasting Act still exists, however, not so much enforced. Additionally no vehicle of any kind is to be used to get to the Christmas service (from

Favourite Snowman Accessory
The buttons! I love buttons.

Thank you to Chrissie from Manchesterflickchick for nominating me.


2 thoughts on “Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag

    • Carol of The Bells is a more traditional Christmas song I guess. But yeah, carolling was awesome as a kid. We would go in groups all with our crowns and gowns on and we’d all have a couple of streets to do. People didn’t mind it either because when we went most people who answered the door were elderly people and apparently they all loved seeing a bunch of 8 to 10 year olds singing for them 😀

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