My Geek Confessions

Inspired by MyOpenSketchbook. Original idea by GamerWife.

Time for some confessions. Feel free to judge / take away geek cred, but I’m sticking to these :p

Even though I love the whole world Tolkien has created and deem him an absolute genius for it, I find reading The Lord of the Rings very tedious, even boring.No lotr


I love Star Wars and I also love Jar Jar Binks *ducks away for husband’s reaction*love jar jar binks


I really don’t like FPS games – also I suck at them. no fps


I have not read nearly as many books as I deem necessary to claim geekhood (about 100 and I’m 28) no books


What are your geek confessions?


2 thoughts on “My Geek Confessions

  1. I’m fairly shit at war type RPG games, I find huge chunks of LOTR really boring like you and I think that Star Wars (although a good idea) is just laughable! Thanks for being so honest and encouraging us to be :0D

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