My life in pictures #1

This series is inspired by My Open Sketchbook.

The last two weeks have had some exciting stuff and as I want to get into the habit of taking pictures of these, and less exciting thing as well, I’ve started this new series which I will be doing every fortnight to allow me some time to accumulate fresh pictures. So here goes.

Me and some friends went to the fireworks at the HMS Sultan (Gosport) at the end of October. There was a funfair too, but the pictures I took from that are very blurry, so I didn’t include them. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed the fireworks.



The other day, our cat decided to have her usual adventure roaming around and climbing up trees, but this time when she came home she had this hilarious smudge on her face. I couldn’t resist immortalising that!



Despite the horrible weather, of which you can see proof in the picture below, me and my other half had a really great time at Indiecon in New Milton this weekend and I’m sure I’ll still talk about it over coffee (or tea in my case) next week 😉


That’s it! Hope you enjoyed it. Catch you later!


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