Video game blog challenge Week 2

Inspired by myopensketchbook. Originally by heckyeahtumblrchallenges.

11) Gaming system of choice: probably Xbox 360 because that’s the one I have used most recently to play videogames on, although I do also love playing games on the PC.

12) A game everyone should play: Skyrim, if only like half an hour to admire the stunning scenery and the amazing graphics.

13) A game you’ve played more than five times: Lighthouse (Sierra). I still like playing it. Although (cheecky second, but I really wanted to mention the other game as well) the game I have played at least a dozen time is Duke Nukem. It’s just an awesome throw-back.

14) Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper: the last one was probably a Riven wallpaper or Riven related. I don’t use gaming wallpapers very often, if ever.

15) What game are you playing right now? Finally some more Rayman Revolution after years of not having played it.

16) Game with the best cut scenes: I have only seen games being played with cut scenes and of those I found the ones in Final Fantasy 13 the best.

17) Favorite antagonist: GLaDOS from Portal. She’s awesome and so fantastically evil.

18) Favorite protagonist: Wario in Marioland 4 (also dubbed Warioland).

19) Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in: Stonebridge city (Dungeon Siege 3)

Stonebridge city

20) Favorite genre: Fantasy RPG.


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