Video game blog challenge Week 1

Inspired by myopensketchbook. Originally by heckyeahtumblrchallenges.

1) Very first video game: it was either Operation Wolf, Commander Keen 4 or Duke Nukem. I was probably about 7 or 8, so I can’t remember exactly. And saying that I also considered Lotus 123 a game because you could write things on the screen. How time has moved on since then haha.

2) Your favorite character: J’zargo from Skyrim (Elder Scrolls 5).

3) A game that is underrated: Reckoning, Kingdoms of Amalur. Too few people I meet know about it or have played it.

4) Your guilty pleasure game: The Sims 1, 2, 3 (all of them and all of the extentions)

5) Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were): Katarina from Dungeon Siege 3. I really think she’s bad-ass and awesome.

6) Most annoying character: Rayman’s helper / flying encyclopedia / annoying as hell thing Murfy. I played Rayman Revolution on the PS2 and I often wanted to throw the controler at the screen when he appeared.

7) Favourite game couple: Link and Zelda. I don’t even have to think about that.

8) Best soundtrack: I love Portal and everything about it, and I also love Jonathan Coulton, so I have to say the soundtrack to the first Portal game “Still Alive”.

9) Saddest game scene: [SPOILER] The end of a game called Last Rose in a Desert Garden. It’s extremely sad and I was gutted even though it was a rediculously short (and not that great) game. I was really hoping for a happy ending.

10) Best gameplay: I really liked the experience I had with my first console RPG experience, so probably biased, but I have to say Oblivion (Elder Scrolls 4).


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