Update and some link love

The bulk of the past few months was taken up by thinking about and working on my dissertation. The deadline of which is in a little less than six weeks. My weekends have been a lot of fun and very contrasting to the weekdays at home reading, thinking, writing, crossing out and starting again. Visits to Belgium included seeing a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, visiting my sister and her newborn boy, voting, one of my best friend’s wedding, having an awesome brunch with my sisters and their other halves and visiting my parents and grandparents off course. Visits to the Midlands included visiting Mike’s family for various really nice parties and also D&D games. I went to Stonehenge for my birthday in March (the new visitors centre is awesome), and we did lots of conventions with PAIZO’s Pathfinder Society. Lastly, right before our holiday to France, we had dinner at Restaurant 27 in Old Portsmouth for our first anniversary. They truly deserve all the praise they get. And I would almost forget to mention we got a kitty called Navi now, named after the fairy from The Legend of Zelda. We got her when she was 9 weeks old and she’s now just over 4 months old. I’m very tempted to dedicate a whole post to her because she is simply adorable. Speak soon x


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