Holiday in the Ardeche

A long drive along the French motorways brought us to the Balazuc chateau. We got a fantastic reception by Luc, showing us around and suggesting the Granja delh Gourmandas to have our dinner at. It was my very first experience of “des criques” and it was delicious. After our copious dinner we went to bed at the chateau for a long sleep. It was nearly 11 when we had our “breakfast”. Everything was either local or home made and so good! It would be like this every morning: an amazing treat. By noon we were ready to explore the village. It felt like a grand adventure going along the cobblestones and the many steps and stairs. It’s a very nice little village indeed. We had some lunch at La Feuniere before going to the beach to dip our toes in the (rather colder than we expected) Ardeche river. We ended up having diner at the same place we had lunch because the place we wanted to go was all out of food by the time we got there. Another late sleep and another delicious breakfast got us prepped for a visit to Montelimar. We had pancakes for lunch and visited a factory where they made Nougat. Afterwards we simply had to buy some (or rather a lot in my case) nougat from the shop attached to the factory. In the evening I had some mouthwatering raviolle cepe “Chez Paulette”. The next day was a very lazy day. We basically lay at the pool reading for most of the day with the exception to go out for icecream in the afternoon. I felt justified to have this day to rest my aching feet and legs. The pool, just like the Ardeche river was very cold, but it felt so good in the hot weather. We went out to the Granja again for dinner where I had a very nice salad. It wasn’t as healthy as it sounds, but it was really good though. After such a lazy day some more action was required on Saturday. We went to Orange and payed a visit to the Theatre Antique. We spend almost 3 hours in the theatre without even having seen it all properly. It’s unforgettably beautiful and definitely worth the visit to Orange. Sunday was our last full day. We spent some time exploring the Gorges driving round them, admiring the views wherever there was space to stop. There weren’t that many as they are pretty popular. Along the way we also went to the Grottes de la Madeleine and we visited one of the most beautiful vilages in France: Aigueze. All of it was tremedously beautiful and impressive. Before I forget I must off course also mention the beautiful cats that live at the chateau and the cozy apperitifs we had every evening with Luc, Florence (the owners) and the rest of the guests. Monday was our last day. We had our last petit dejeuner at the chateau as a beautiful end to a beautiful beautiful holiday.


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