What happens when I listen to rap music

I wrote this a few weeks back and thought it worthwhile to post it here. And in case you’re wondering, I was in a pub with rap music blaring in the background while I wrote this. I just couldn’t resist.

I’m too rich to be poor,
too flawed to be good,
too tough to be weak,
too sad to be strong,
too rough to be beautiful,
and I don’t know
what to do with my life.
It feels so messed up,
but too normal to be crazy.
I feel like I’ve lost control
and yet everything just carries on.
Time just passes,
without any effort,
but I feel like I’m rooted to the ground,
unable to move.
I can’t find my groove.
I’m just a person.
Why am I making this so hard for myself?
I keep throwing rocks in front of my feet
and I stumble, I fumble
can’t walk, just tumble.
What am I doing here anyway?


2 thoughts on “What happens when I listen to rap music

  1. Descriptive! 🙂 I could feel what you were trying to convey while reading the powerful words, and sometimes with poetry, that’s all that matters.

    Loved it! 😀

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