It’s always nice to see you

About a week ago when I was at the library to do some quality time researching – it seems to be a lot harder to do this at home – I saw one of my classmates. I hadn’t been at the library for a while and because I only take one class anymore, we don’t see each other very often. We talked for a bit about this and that, including school work off course as student lives tend to involve quite a bit of that. At the end of the conversation he said “it’s always nice to see you”. Nothing unusual about that you would say, but he said it in such a heartfelt way that it made me wonder. Am I really that nice? I was almost blushing at the thought. Me? Nice to see / talk to? Really? I asked my husband and he said, but off course! You are amazing! For me his opinion doesn’t always count though. Love makes blind and all that. And then there was my mum who recently wrote me an email in response to one of my earlier blogs. She said that I don’t realise how sweet I am. Again, biased in my favour I thought. But then everyone I meet says I’m such a nice person and I don’t get it, simply because I don’t see it. Maybe it only radiates outwards or something so I can’t feel it. Because if it radiated inwards as well, I would have realised it by now. Are you ever surprised by how you are liked by (many) others?


3 thoughts on “It’s always nice to see you

  1. DUH!
    I don’t even need to see you… just getting a mail from you today made my day…
    please make more of my days, god knows I can use it 🙂

    *puts a mirror in front of radiation* you should start feeling it soon 😀

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