My Valentine story

I remember how my first major boyfriend would always do something quirky and romantic and I really used to love that. I specifically remember how one year he drove for miles only to end up back where we started to have an indoors candle light picnic. So sweet! Over the years my feelings about valentines day changed because of frustrations from single friends and because of the flaw in the concept. It’s something I’ve read in a lot of blogs already, but I think it’s worth repeating it again. Why should it only be the one day? If you really love someone, and to me that counts for friends and family as well, love should be shown all year round.

Me and my husband, resulting from the second major boyfriend 😉 , haven’t got a tradition (yet I should maybe say). I don’t really remember the first Valentine’s we spent together. It was a Tuesday. And I only know that because I just looked it up. I think we just stayed in. Not sure. Last year we went larping. We didn’t really care it was valentine’s. We just really wanted to go to the game. The day after we did go to a restaurant together. And this year there is nothing planned (yet) either. It’s not really a big deal for me, maybe because I wasn’t bombarded with Valentines ads when I still lived in Belgium, who knows.


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