New year’s resolutions

A while ago I wrote a little text for myself to remind me of the things I find important in life. I still have to look at it regularly when I get caught up in things that really aren’t worth the stress. So for my good intentions for 2014 I will do, or make sure I can see what I have put on that list.

I live for a child’s smile
I live for a friend’s embrace
I live for a lover’s kiss
I live to admire wonders:
the scent of a fresh rose
the colours of a sunset
a breeze on a hot summer day
a bird’s song one early morning
the sights on a long walk
the love in one man’s eyes
I live for love.

I know the most difficult one for me will be the early morning, because I love sleeping long, but that one morning will definitely be worth it. I’ll write another post when they’re all done and tell you how it feels.

Catch you later!


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