Mental health – something different?

When someone is having a “bad day” it is important to know how bad that is. I am finally starting to accept that I have an anxiety disorder. I still doubt myself sometimes. Isn’t it just because I’m weak or too lazy to get up and do something? How do I know that I’m not lying to myself or just “faking it”? Aren’t I just using it as an excuse? I honestly still dare not answer that question with certainty. I grew up in Belgium and have the feeling that vastly contributed to the feelings I am currently struggling with. I don’t blame anyone. It simply comes down to not knowing, not understanding. I feel the taboo surrounding mental health is still very much alive there and perhaps also in other places. There is also an attitude of “just get on with it. Everyone has a hard time every now and then” or “this person has it much harder than you do” It’s understandable off course, but that doesn’t make it right.

Back to the person having a bad day. There are services you can call, just to talk. These services are brilliant when you are having a bad day or when you need to talk to someone and don’t know where else to turn. But when that feeling “bad” persists, if you need a bit “more”, you shouldn’t feel afraid to discuss this with your doctor. It’s not wrong, you’re not crazy or weird, it just happens. They can refer you to a service, like Mind for example in the UK, that can help you further. It worked for me and it may help you too. If you like, I would be happy to tell you anything I know so feel free to message me with questions.


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