How farmville ruined my weekend

It’s a clever game, Farmville. Even so, I don’t quite know how I managed to get hooked again. Possibly a favour to a friend. I was asked to send something “just every now and then.” But see, that’s how it starts. The game is well designed, and it’s pretty. But that in itself has never gotten me glued to a game. There has to be something else. That ‘secret’ I suppose is what makes Zynga so much money. With farmville, at least for me, it is not the joy of playing it. For me there is no joy, it’s an obligation. It also works on my general mood. I wonder whether I am alone in this (quite literally) addiction. It’s a silly game that somehow manages to give me satisfaction, the kind of satisfaction you get from responsibilities. Are we so keen then to have responsibilities? Or is it just me? In any case, I’m glad I realised quickly this time. Because I have had the realisation before, I deleted the game as soon as I became aware it was happening again. It ruining my weekend is one thing, but I sometimes wonder whether it could actually ruin someone’s life, because the game makes that person miserable, because it makes someone into a slave.


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